Why Buy a Survival LED Flashlight

If you look to the recent hurricanes which have devastated the united states and you didn’t have a flashlight then I hope you are paying attention.

When you are given advanced warning about leaving then it is time to gather your “bug out bag” as we call them. In that bag, there should be a “survival LED flashlight”. Why a special flashlight you ask? Below I have outlined why they are better than the old incandescent type.

  • First, they will last a long time on normal set of batteries. Compared to the old flashlights the new survival LED flashlight will last months compared to just days for the old style.
  • Secondly a LED bulb will last at least 50,000 hours because they draw such a small amount of current.
  • Most of the best survival flashlights are made of aircraft aluminum with threaded battery compartments which are mostly waterproof. They can be purchased completely waterproof with rubber o rings.
  • Many of the newer survival LED flashlights come with T-6 LED bulbs which are super bright and with the new technique of using mirrored glass or highly polished chrome metal to amplify the light output.
  • Another thing that is nice about these LED flashlights are their size. With a small footprint, you can shine a bright spot the length of a football field away.
  • Many of the latest model survival LED flashlights have three modes of operation; click once for SOS signaling, click twice for strobe effect, and click again to return to normal operation.

To sum it up, you need one of these newer flashlights in your car, your home, and in your survival bag.

Source by Jerry Standefer

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