When Would You Need a Survival Pack or Kit?

Natural calamities and manmade disasters can drive you out of your home. Natural disasters like flood, hurricanes, tornado, severe snow storm, earthquake and man-made chaos like terrorism or power outage, will require you to survive. Being prepared for such occurrences is important.

Survival for a particular disaster can be classified into three namely:

Short term – this disaster will require survival for up to 3 days

Medium term – the survival duration can be from 3 days to one month

Long term – survival could last up to more than a month onwards

When a disaster occurs, everyday life is surely disrupted and most of our comforts and necessities are being set aside because of supply shortage or worse – no supply at all.

In natural disasters like tornado and earthquake where devastation can be great, the supply of water is usually cut off as a preventive measure for possible hazardous materials contamination.

There are times that travelling is almost impossible, even with the knowledge that some stores might still be open. During these times, emergency and medical response professionals are in full force.

Thinking ahead as part of your preparation is very important. An emergency survival pack can provide you with a greater chance for survival.

When you have the basic items in your survival kit like water, food, extra clothing and medical supplies at times when a disaster strikes, you will at least feel a little chance for you and your family.

The Basic Survival Kit

As much as possible, your survival kit should include a three day supply of food and water, along with some basic medical supplies in case someone gets hurt.

The following items will be the content of your basic survival kit.

Water- preferably in individual bottles that will last for 3 days

Food- canned goods and other ready to eat foods

Can opener

Camping stove

Lighter or matches

Cooking pots, knife, spoon plastic plates

Flashlight and batteries

First aid and other important medicines


Spare clothing and hats

Small radio and spare batteries

Sturdy footwear

Blankets and sleeping bags

Cell phone


Because it is likely impossible to find food several days after a disaster, you must prepare your own food in order to survive. Non-perishable foods like cannedgoods are the ideal ones you need to stockpile, because they require less or no cooking, no refrigeration and little amount of water.


Among the survival items you need, water is the most essential. You need it primarily for drinking and for other purposes like washing and cooking. It is then recommended that you have at least a three day supply of water. Allot 3 liters per day for every person 1 liter for cooking per meal, and 1 liter for washing for every person each day.

First Aid Kit

The first aid kit is also an important component of survival pack. Since almost all medical response teams are overloaded with work during and after a disaster, it is important that you have your own medications and first aid kits so that you won’t need to rely on medical personnel in case they cannot be accessed.

Your home, if not damaged, is the best place you can stay during a disaster, however, if you need to evacuate, you must always bring with you the survival kit and other supplies with you.

When a disaster strikes, you might not have enough time to gather and pack all things, therefore, think ahead and prepare the things you need and place them where they can easily be found or reached by any family member.

Source by Michelle Quirog Young

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