panfriedd says:

27 F is only -2 degrees in real temperature, that's not even that cold.

vfl rockytop says:

A candle under a pottery bowl would have worked for knocking off the chill.

FLuffy likes Men says:

20 degrees? That’s only -6 c° that’s warm

s4n714g000 says:

One decent sleeping bag and candles is all you need I reckon. Wool blanket too

The_ Assassin4 says:

How do you shower?

Special k says:

You're supposed to wear less clothes in those sleeping bags. I once wore a sweatshirt and sweats in one and was freezing, the next night I just wore underwear and nothing else and wasnt cold at all. Try wearing less clothes in them.

Meejtis says:

thats a cute little kitty cat

creator code: nathanxacid

Glowing Gold says:

looks cozy asf

dvrapant says:

I would invest in a 10 degree down bag or lower. Using a heater is IMO more work and danger than it is worth. I have backpacked in weather like that and yeah it's cold but I was toasty in a great down bag with a really good insulated pad under me. Those help a lot. Thermarest makes a foam pad that would help you out.

thanks ace says:

This guy is just as resourceful as Chrisfix 😎 😎 😎


Looked so cosy

Gilbert Trinidad says:

Why not invest in getting a solar panel on top of your shell? So you won’t have to waste your vehicle’s battery life?

Joseph DuPont says:

You know if you had a bunch of soda water bottles with water in it the water would cool off and your your Camp would not get below 32 degrees until everything Frozen there and then you can always throw them out the later time or thrown out of the vehicle

Joseph DuPont says:

You need one of those micro little heaters that you put Twigs in and heat the damn thing up a little will a little chimney there you can also use some candles which wouldn't hurt you too much in there report of the matter is or should be a way for you to store Heat from the engine no hot water running out there melt some wax and then the wax will keep you warm all night as it solidifies then you spend a lot of time driving to get that heat in there

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