Matthew.C says:

What about the ppl next to the ramp it seemed like a waste of money for those seats it's too high for ppl to see the entrance and ramp itself

Ant Hallback says:

dude I saw u in the front row of Monday night raw the other day.

Loretta Hall says:

damn it why didnt i see this before i went to WM33, we had a stupid ass pole smack in the middle of the ring, could barely see shit.


this is fucking stupid the whole thing is backwards look at the real map



Charlie Wright says:

I'm in 125, shouldn't be too bad

LJ rko says:

I'm sitting in 145 row E. Will that be bad?

Deandre Lawson says:


Lauren Hutton says:

Steve Says So
I'm in Section 201, Row W Seat 10.
Am I Obstructed?

Eddylunchmeat says:

the set gonna be small compared to 24

Gorth N Sports says:


Tomstone TV says:

I'm sitting in 206

ZacksGuitarCovers says:

P31 is what I have

Nick Demoura says:

F8 Row U how is that??

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