Nickolas Green Outdoors says:

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i thank everyone for the support

Marc Tremblay says:

you are a joke men

tall32guy says:

Well he ain't got no 70 subscribers no more. Lol

Marcus Smith says:

Great job lil homie. I'd like to see you cook and review the meals. Build a campfire. Keep it up. Respect from S. Padre Island TX.

Tim Davis says:

Awesome you’re camping. That air mattress will hold cold air. Try a wool blanket underneath. I don’t trust those heaters. Glad your leaving some ventilation. Maybe try spraying the inside and outside walls of the tent with a fabric water proof spray. Might help a bit. But at those temps your gonna be cold!


I half clicked on this because it was a 70 subscriber special with almost 6 million views

Flux Capacitor says:

Andy milinknocis

Dana Corbin says:

I'm a 45 year person researching cold weather backpacking and it's nice to see someone doing actual off trail testing of their gear and all I have to say is keep these videos coming and PLEASE CONTINUE TO GO INSIDE IF YOU GET TOO COLD! Also ditch the plug in heaters. They won't ever be an option in the woods.

Jesus Martinez says:

Nice video young man

Ashley B says:

"It's the same temperature, it's the same snow." lol awesome

Mitchell David says:

Hell of a good try. Keep going and keep learning.

Blackestblack666 says:

You got balls dude! I love camping but I've never done it that cold! Subbed!

Hunter Goony says:

For 70 subs u got balls

Juan Montiel says:

Just subscribe Buddy, i luv going camping i grew up in Seattle wa, alot of camping spots i like what you doing keep it up.

D Moto says:

Great job, I really enjoyed your video! You are braver than I am to camp out in that kind of weather. I can't wait until your next video. Keep up the good work!

Dan Miller says:

He gonna check back later with the the coke exploded in the tent story😂

Augustine B says:

Its like your waay waay north. Survival of the fittest. Cold and getting colder. Doing a great job. Makes me want to

Ken hughes says:

You did a good job setting up everything.
Thank you for posting.

Michael Barrella says:

I saw this last year when you made this and holy crap 5.6 million views later…. this is awesome!

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