Secret Beaches & Hiking Eagle Lake | Lake Tahoe, CA

March 5, 2019 - Comment


Coleman Outdoors says:

Ohh….Lake Tahoe! My parents lived in Gardnerville for 10 years. It seemed we were in Tahoe for at least one day a year when with went to visit. Never really hiked there though. It was usually a family trip and well, they aren't hikers like me. Now I wished I had taken the opportunity. Although, we did our share of traipsing through the forest the day after Thanksgiving to find a christmas tree! That's great wilderness up there for sure. So much to do.
Looks like you had a lot of fun.

jjfjeff says:

Nice I did that Eagle Lake hike a few summers ago. Excellent views.

kw19193 says:

Another hummer. Very well done you two. There are two qualities in particular that really make your vids shine, to wit: you do not undermine them with a bunch of dumb music, nor do you clutter them up with endless, inane chit-chat, you clearly know well that the landscape speaks for itself and possesses its own soundtrack. Don't remember if you've done any vids on the PCT from, say, Sonora Pass over Donner and northwards, I'll go back and look — but if not I hope that's in your future. Cheers!

FigBoot29 says:

Beautiful scenery as always. Thanks again for sharing 👍

Collin Smith says:

Awe pic some awesome spots man!!! 🤙

Radnally says:

Hiked into Desolation Wilderness from Eagle Lake many times in the 1970s. Beautiful. We'd hike for days and not see anyone. Thanks.

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