Mountain-Climbing! Full Album(resubido)

February 26, 2019 - Comment


guido perucca says:

Pure beauty.

Kevin DiRito says:

The Car sellers have used a few of their riffs to sell. No shit!

itkojecockot says:

a true diamond of classic Hard Rock……

Rob Brown says:

For Yasguys Farm, by Mick Ralph's? What's the story there?

ogrebattle22763 says:

"For Yasgur's Farm"…. incredible track… my favorite on this album for sure…

william dorn says:

Can you believe that Gibson has issued a "Billie Joe Armstrong" signature Les Paul Jr. He's the green haired guy from Green Day, I think (I mean no disrespect, but I don't know and don't really care). How the hell come they issued this before they issued a "Leslie West" signature model? The man who did more to popularize the LPJ than anyone else in the history of mankind and no signature model!!! (sorry Dean lovers, but that one does not count IMHO!!!!) It's no wonder Gibson is bankrupt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Steven Lawrence says:

I just love this album, I've been enjoying it all these years now! I'm 69 years old.

Seth Tyrssen says:

Saw 'em live at the Goose Lake rock festival in Michigan, back in 1970! They were killer!

Ron Benoche says:

Great album..Just bought and can't stop listening..

stefan persson says:

Thanks, Great album by mountain

Luke Frassani says:

Leslie and Felix….great feeilngs ! Fantastic !

Stephen Hunt says:

Bad ass rock.Starting to realize they were the shit.

Lamar Leonard says:

What a album.

MD M says:

In my humble opiniin, Mountain's best and heaviest album…

James Smith says:

Mountain was always my favorite from 72 ON! Esp. Flowers of evil

jjammin1812 says:

I think I wore this album out in 1974! Along with Dark Side of the Moon!!!

sugar magnolia says:

My parents just gave me their vynil, including this phenomenon. Open your heart, let the sunshine in 😊

Snafubar says:

Every song a classic. Well, maybe except for the 33 eegits that down-voted. Rock~N~Roll will never die!!!

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