John Doe says:

he Kept his Promise

John Doe says:

i hope they all fukin die for what they did to the Goat.Fukers

Kitana Kojima says:

Every whining comment on a mountaineering documentary basically stamps "I'm jealous and angry because I'm too out of shape, lazy, weak, and dumb to do the same" on your YT handle. It's funny how many weird jealous people obsessively watch these to bitch about climbers. Its like women who bitch about another woman for being pretty or thin, its like wearing "IM JEALOUS" on your forehead

Chantal Seguin says:

8$ thats exploitation. so not cool

Lisa 11:11 says:

The tooth will kill him! No pain worse!

Tullochgorum says:

I really wish these documentary makers would stop saying the climbers "conquer" the mountain. No true mountaineer would ever say such a thing. “It’s not the mountain we conquer, but ourselves.” ― Sir Edmund Hillary

Danny Branderson says:

Oh please, K2 is a walk in the part. Only risk is an avalanche but that’s out of your control and has nothing to do with you

Destry says:

Anything associated with islam is doomed to failure . . .

Tina Hachey says:

That was really interesting thank you 👍

Antonius vd Klis says:

For me this is proof that elite-level mountaineering is an obsession and a kind of disease. Its not worth the risk of dead for me…

Warren G Mackey says:

I like you

Warren G Mackey says:

The G stands for Edward motherfuckers, you dig my little bissials

Warren G Mackey says:

I like to send messages into this ether

Warren G Mackey says:

I’m not one big on yahoos climbing Everest etc etc but these German lads are a class act every thing they did first rate They and this doc showed respect for the porters, the mountain, the wholly tragic loss of the young 🇷🇴 man. I can understand this kind of driven ego for something unlike those rah rahs polluting Everest now these cats on K2 were the real fucking deal, I don’t believe they were using oxygen, cause if they were the doc left that out and I must say that would unfortunately be deceptive. Not for using o2 but for leaving that shit out. It would change the whole picture are they bad asses or not?

The PunkyQB says:


James Butler Jr. says:

🤔…… This, was a great vid……"Hope🤠, Determination😇 ,& Tradigy☠(sadly!)….. 🤠😇" …. 🤔😐😑….. No,ropes is crazy👽!😲 Ski, down too minimize… "Dead zone,exposure👽!"😲….. I, just saw total unbelievable😲🤓! Worst😰, with the speed increase😐😑……. still, can't beat the weather…😲😢😓…. But, his real class shows…. in a retry!🤔🤓! And,best he descended safely!😎🤓…….. 😇

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