Ste ste says:

how in the fuck did the first people make it up without the ropes in

thereisnocarolinHR says:

As an armchair high altitude climbing enthusiast all I ever want is to be able to see a glimpse of what these historical mountains really look like and be able to better imagine what those early expeditions went through. This video really felt like I had my nose in it

M H says:

Incredible! Thank you.

Much Love says:

If you could pay for the weather conditions this would be the more expensive. Great!

Gear Zen says:

I am surprised you didn't have an axe out for some sections.

Muhammd Ijaz Afzal says:

The part I waited for in the whole video was bottle neck, I wanna see a video of traversing and passing that region with above and below head view but you seemed to miss that part in the video only 🙁

Xaiano says:

2 deaths just while you were climbing. That is one scary mountain.

SCYTHE2525 says:

Doesn't look like a person rolling to me.


00:00:00 "many avalanches are happening " ok we're done!

drmabeuse says:

Thank you for giving us a glimpse of what the real experience of climbing is like, step-by-step. It's what all the other mountaineering videos always lack.

Michael Wittmann says:

I envy you, brother. I started climbing in Newfoundland when I was in my late 30's. I know now, being almost 42, I will never see Concordia with my own eyes. My body just gets more frail every year, and realize I can't perform like a 28 year old. It looks like I wont ever make it to the summit or even reach camp 4. I dream of looking down on Concordia from 8000m. Congrats on an incredible milestone. Just don't risk your ass a 2nd time. and stay clear of that damned Serac. Stay Frosty at all times. See you at Basecamp.

asddf435vgf says:

How managed the first person in the history to climb this summit without any pre-existent rope?

muhammad ilyas says:

This is k2 mountain in pakistan

Marcus Byström says:

2:30 is so sick

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