beef patty says:

1 min into vid subbed

RFMN Gaming says:

I want to find specifically dispersed camping spots, where I can freely shoot in national forest, any help

Joy K says:

Excellent information! Happy travels.

TinyHouse and Offgrid Resources says:

dont you guys EVER go home????

MiMi SeeYou says:

New sub and love your content! A tip from someone in the states is be VERY CAREFUL on BLM land lighting fires. They convict for ridiculous accidents or not knowing.

Nicole Bostic says:

What did you do about showering?

E. Vanessa Bethel says:

Thanks for this! I'm getting ready to embark on a few month road/camping trip throughout Canada. This may be a long shot but do you or anyone have more information about non-Canadians camping on crown land and recreational free sites. I've read that non-residents must have a permit for crown land, I'm assuming that applies across all provinces but I have been trouble finding clear information. I also wonder if the free recreational sites are free for non-residents too and if so what's the best way to find those? I'm guessing maybe the Backroad Mapbook. If anyone can help, that'd be super awesome. I've just been having a hard time and I really want to sleep in nature as much as I can rather than parking lots.

theresa b says:

thanks….this was soo helpful…the national forests website doesn't elaborate so much you have to tell them what you're looking for and the name and not having done this before i didn't know what names to type in. so, this helped. also i heard and are 2 sites for national forests to do free dispersed camping…

robert smith says:

so this whole video boils down to: you can CAMP -(you know,… without a car?) in a national forest. every where else listed here WILL be occupied by skeeve-bags, junkies, and bums. are you honestly going to set up your tent and gear with your kids at walmart with 400 desperate junkies and bums staring at your stuff? your kids will refuse to ever camp with you again.

robert smith says:


robert smith says:


Christophe Zydek says:

YOu can also park overnight at most Craker Barrel restaurants, Pilot truck centers and Cabella's ( at least the one in Maine)

Rhetta Cypert says:

Don’t forget iOverlander and Campendium! (Websites/apps). Both awesome to find places to stay free – iOverlander is also more international.

2001 1004 says:

I've actually set up my tent and slept in there on a street in downtown Toronto and got some thousand dollars fine..

Tony Cote says:

Here in Maine about 40 minutes from where I live is a 40/50mile (maybe more maybe less) long logging road that is just littered with side roads and atv trails. I learned how to drive out there and now that I'm a legal aged human I camp out there every summer. It's all primitive campsites and absolutely beautiful country out there and 8/10 times I go out there I see at least one or more moose which is one of my favorite animals to observe in the wild. This summer I'm packing up my jeep, grabbing my bible and hitting new roads for a month or two.

Riley Murray says:

Love that your videos are ontario centric – coming from toronto this is an awesome thing to see! 🙂

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