Geocaching with RV Ashs in April, after hiking Dome Rock

March 10, 2019 - Comment


CherBear says:

Ok Barb, now that hike looks more my speed, geocaching around here..maybe I should start one..βœŒπŸ’œπŸ˜Š

Marie Snopko says:

Hi Barb ……looked good .. It beautiful…..trees green and flowers every where.. Thanks for the laughs. Don't hurry home it is going to get cold again…. Another two or three weeks of storms. The sun shine sure look nice there. Go hide a fork in Randys name…..just for the good times and see him many sign the paper. See you keeping on Bye

Desertwind says:

We hiked all over the Sheep Mountain Range that surrounds Las Vegas for over 30 years, and also the Colorado River. I only ran into 3 rattle Snakes in all the that time. #1 was laying across the pathway where you could not see it's beginning or it's end, those parts were hiding in the grass. Could only tell it was big. Slowly backed away from it and it slithered away. We decided it was that time of the day that the snakes were out so, we high tailed it back to camp. #2 snake was a baby rattler, curled up in a rock as we hiked up a mountain. The rest of our party continued on, but I ran all the way back down to camp. Stayed by the fire the rest of the evening. As for #3, it too was a baby, it was at Lake Mead, I got to close and it did strike out at me. Thank God it didn't reach me. It was the first time I wet my pants since I was a baby. lol! It scared it right out of me. lol! But…. I have no fear of them being there because they don't want us anymore than we want them. So just be aware all the time, not just when you think they might be out. And mostly be careful not to step on one because that is the real danger to getting bit. I know I was to long winded but wanted to help you with your fear of the snakes. I hope you are having the time of your life on your trip. Hugs….

Leann 49 says:

NOT fond of snakes as every once and awhile have one in my yard. I use a blower to chase it off them put down mothballs. Keeps them away for awhile. Nice looking flowers. Never have gone geocaching but have watched Lola several times. She is a big fan of it. Glad your having a great time. Safe travels and do take care.

Mrs. Monchichi says:

Looks like so much fun, love watching you having a good time πŸ˜€β€β€β€

C Dub's Journey says:

Glad you had fun and took us along too! Geocaching is fun to do for sure. πŸ™‚

Kristofer Travels says:

I started doing that. haven't been out searching for a little while. I miss that place. I helped Mike gather a few of those white rocks for his name 😁

Minivan Mike says:

Oh and thanks for the plugging my channel! I cant believe how much green there is around the rocks I put down! Much harder to see now.

Whoa Nellie RV Adventures says:

I love seeing the flowers in the desert. Looked like fun finding Mini Van Mike's stash.

Deborah Cazalas says:

Enjoying life πŸ™‚

juli tuli says:

I'm not completely positive but I think those little white flowers maybe chamomile

philip russell says:

Nice walk about.

Chris Rehbein says:


RV Ashs in April says:

It was a fun time Barb, we are so glad you both made the trip. We hope to see you both again__ Jeff & Margie

Clint Price says:

Do we actually have an up close picture of the β€œold farmer”? Next I expect him to say hello to us all.
So, do you wear pants when wandering in the scrub? I see your geocaching partner is in shorts while being snake bait, haha. Stay safe and enjoy yourself.

Sue Prostko says:

Barb, you hav such fun adventure. Way cool, bu be careful of snakes they will be appearing very soon with the weather warming up with spring

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