Gear I Carry on a Day Hike

February 25, 2019 - Comment

** Stuff/Gear I Mention in this Video ** Osprey Escapist 18 – ZPacks Nero – ZPacks Ditty Bag – Fenix E05 Flashlight (w/clip) – Spyderco Knife – Anger PowerCore 10000 Charger – Canon G7X Mark ii – Iphone 6 Plus – EE Copperfield Wind Jacket – EE

** Stuff/Gear I Mention in this Video **

Osprey Escapist 18 –

ZPacks Nero –

ZPacks Ditty Bag –

Fenix E05 Flashlight (w/clip) –

Spyderco Knife –

Anger PowerCore 10000 Charger –

Canon G7X Mark ii –

Iphone 6 Plus –

EE Copperfield Wind Jacket –

EE Torid APEX Jacket –

Sawyer Squeeze Filter –

Cnoc Vecto Water Container –

Buff –

Cnoc Vertex Carbon Cork Trekking Poles –

AZT Section Gear List –

AT Gear List –


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*** Gear Used to Shoot this Video! ***

  • Camera –
    Canon EOS T6i –

  • Lense –
    Canon EFS 24mm –

  • Sound –
    TakStar Shotgun Mic –

  • TriPod –
    Targus 360 Trigger Tripod –

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Travel Plus Hunza says:

You need to have a pair of socks too darwin 🙂 loved it ! <3

40BelowTr00per says:

Always in my pack even for a day hike: 1) emergency bivvy; 2) water bottle I can boil in; 3) aluminum pill bottle micro stove; 4) Sawyer Mini; 5) compass; 6) Mora Kansbol; 7) 1/4 cup of coconut oil (for chapped lips, cuts & scrapes, tinder accelerant, 470 emergency calories); 8) Petzle headlamp; 9) emergency whistle; 10) small first aid kit; 11) vape with one cartridge of Granddaddy Purple and one cartridge of Durban Poison; 12) caffeine pill.

My rationale is as follows: The result of a day hike could easily be an overnight in the wilderness with a hike out the next morning. For very little added weight you can prepare to weather that difficulty with a high likelihood of safe survival. With this setup I’m assured of shelter, clean water by two methods, fire/flame to boil keep warm, a good night’s sleep from the Indica, 470 calories to start the morning, some caffeine and a Sativa to get my a$$ moving for the hike out.

rpsimons58 says:

Add compass, emergency whistle, signal mirror and pocket strobe. Also a small first aid kit.

Alex Gulino says:

I have a 40L for my day hikes….I think I overdid it. Lol

julianne2saw says:

i think i might need more toilet paper than that. but i did wonder. very nice video.

TwylaWorld Adventures says:

I carry in my day pack what you probably carry in your thru hike pack! LOL Nah.. but I do carry a little more than the average day hiker. check it out.

rabit lololo says:

this hiking daypack looks great and its really affordable

Gabriel Furphy says:

Thanks for this it's very helpful

Austin Eckhoff says:

Your mountains tattoo shows a true hiker

Daniel Anthony says:

is the escapist large enough to comfortably carry some camera gear.. dslr and a lens or two?

Jeremy Mantooth says:

Hey Darwin, love the channel! Lots of great info, and very well produced! You may have addressed this, but I'm curious why you don't prefer hydration packs? I understand why you would want to use a lighter "canteen" than a Nalgeen bottle, e.g. a smartwater bottle to save weight, but what's your argument against using a hydrstion pack? I think the ease of quick access that you get from a shoulder mounted hydration pack hose offsets the extra weight that comes with it. What are your thoughts?

karen holman says:

i lov ur vids. im 64 yr old tomgoy love the outdoors.. happy trails to u darwin

John Woods says:

Thank you

trailrider74 says:

I carry thermal top and bottoms in a dry bag, and some means of shelter (poncho tarp or Tyvek groundsheet). They weigh next to nothing and add another layer of protection against the elements if I’m forced to stay out overnight.

Lars Vegas says:

gear i carry… bottle of water… phone… done! dont be such a wuss ur just hiking for a couple of hours..

Dirk Anderson says:

I carry water, snacks, phone, and Always now, headlamp/flashlight. I lost my keys once and had to repeat the hike at night, never did find them. I have returned from several hikes after dark especially shorter winter days.
I have been preparing for the Trans Catalina Trail for the longest time, I'm ready, damn, just do it.
I'm starting to aim my sights higher JMT maybe? See how it goes.
These day hikes have increased my strength and endurance dramatically, I am also doing some climbing/rappelling.
Just another one of the old "rotting posts"? Not me.

longboard crew says:

I always carry an extra pair of socks and an ankle brace

Halo Halo Hikers says:

Solid advice! Great tips. My family just started the 52 hike challenge and we are documenting it on our channel. We are rookies and your advice has been super helpful!

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