Thomas Fugate says:

maybe I will see you at trail days. I plan to post a video so the people I am following who are farther north can see a bit. neatest rain gear I have seen lately is the packa. it is a combo rain cover and rain jacket. I think they are going to be at trail days

BDU King says:

Marmot Precip Jacket and pants for my fellow SHT Hiker

Allen Moccasin says:

Glad to see that you are okay after the recent tragedy on the AT.

Harry says:

Looks like your carrying a GPS on your right shoulder. What make and model is it and can you text to family or is just for an emergency?

Thrifty Endurance says:

Boots Off looks like a real nice place! 👍🏻 I have them on my stop off list. I think they also offer paddling during the summer. Sorry to hear about our foot pain Missy. Have you tried Kinesio Tape (KT)? Inflammation is common due to overuse or worn out shoes. 🥾 I wear Mist Over Windbreaker by Lululemon. It is a breathable stretchy material with thumb hole and hood, water repellent and folds into its own pouch similar to Patagonia puffy. I like everything form fitting, light weight and aerodynamic. I buy one gear every three months….they can really add up. Happy trails! 🌺

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