Top 3 Urban Survival Skills You Must Have

Manmade and natural disasters are inevitable, most especially in these modern times. Once you put this into consideration, you will realize the importance of having the necessary skills to survive if and when you find yourself caught up in a life threatening situation, especially in an urban survival setting.

Having these basic urban survival skills will set you ahead from others, and will give you the necessary advantage to make the best out of a dangerous situation – especially when shit really hits the fan.

3 of the most important urban survival skills that will be discussed in this post are;

Basic Medical Skills

You never know, one day you may have to treat a burn or sew up a open wound. Most probably these skills may be a lifesaver in the very near future. And the best part is that you don’t have to be a nurse or a doctor before you acquire some of these medical skills. Having basic medical knowledge is an important urban survival skill.

If you don’t already have them, you should take steps to learn them today.

Negotiating Skills

You don’t have to be a hostage negotiator to learn how to persuade people to do something for you, especially if your survival depends on it. Come to think of it we engage in negotiations, every day of our lives, and having this skill is an added advantage for urban survival.

You never realize the importance of negotiation, until you find yourself trying to exchange a few physical items that you have on you for a warm meal. After walking for a few miles, being able to negotiate and convince someone to perform a service for you, especially in the event of a disaster is an important quality to possess.

Being Aware of your Surroundings

Beingng constantly aware of your surroundings, is a quality that should be developed and nurtured. This could be a lifesaver especially in crowded areas. For example, After entering a building, you should try and locate emergency exits. In the event of a fire.

Being constantly watchful and aware of your surroundings, may give you an early warning signal about an impending attack from an assailant, thereby giving you enough time to prepare for defensive and evasive actions, if necessary.

These three urban survival skills are by all means not exhaustive, but having them will improve your chances of surviving potentially unsafe and dangerous situations.

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