The Worst Case Scenario Game

The Worst Case Scenario Game is a really fun game that I enjoy playing, and it’s something that people of all ages can play.

It is created by University Games, a company that creates board games in both the US and Europe.

The Worst Case Scenario game was released in 2002, and features hundreds of survival scenarios. Players take turns reading survival scenario questions. First, the player whos turn it is rolls a die. Each question gives multiple-choice answers. The player whose turn it is listens to the question and tries to guess the answer. If the player gets the answer correct, that player moves forward the number of spaces he or she rolled. If the player gets the answer wrong, the reader gets to move that many spaces forward. The first player to the end wins!

The game sounds quite simple, but it is actually really entertaining. My wife and I play lots of board games, and this one has stuck around for quite a while even as we have quit playing many others out of boredom.

We usually play several times in a row, as the games can sometimes be quite short. Here are some example questions from the game:

  • How to survive a tornado when in a car
  • How to survive a kidnapping
  • How to proceed if your car breaks down in heavy fog
  • How to detect a letter bomb
  • How to consume moldy food

As you can see, there are some really useful questions, and some that are a bit loopy or funny. I must admit, it can at times get a bit repetitive if you play many games in a row. If you take depend on this for example on a camping trip, be sure to bring other games as well to break things up.

This game was published around 2002 by University Games. University games sells board games in both the US and Europe, and has been around since the 80’s. Here’s a sample of the instructions, showing how to play the game:

Playing The Game

1. The youngest player’s team goes first. Roll the die but do not move the playing piece.

2. The other team (Team 2) to the right of the youngest player’s team (Team 1) picks a Worst-Case Scenario Survival Question Card from the Card Box and reads the question and the multiple choice answers to Team 1.

  • If Team 1 answers correctly, they move their playing piece ahead the number of footprints shown on the die.
  • If Team 1 does not answer correctly, they do not move their playing piece and Team 2 moves their playing piece ahead the number of footprints shown on the die.

3. Play passes to the left.

(NOTE: Many Worst-Case Scenario Survival situations have more than one correct answer, but only one possible correct answer is presented on each card.)

Source by Seth M Messimer

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