The Tactical Tomahawk For Survival

When I talk to people about survival gear the discussion sometimes turns to talk about the tactical tomahawk. Some think that there is no need for any kind of ax to be kept with their kits, others think that a camp ax is all you need, and still others think that the best choice is to have a tactical tomahawk. I fall into the later group.

A tactical tomahawk is a great choice because they come in several different configurations, styles, and sizes. These differences give the tomahawk an advantage over the common ax because the diversity of the tomahawk makes them very versatile. This allows the survivalist to choose the right “hawk” for their situation.

When choosing a tomahawk for survival the size and weight of it are very important. If the tomahawk is going to go into a bug out bag then you will want a short, lightweight one that can fit easily in your pack. Otherwise the size doesn’t matter as much and you can carry it in a sheath on your belt or keep it in your vehicle.

As with any tool, first you need to decide what functions you expect the Tomahawk to do. Most tomahawks are capable of serving several different functions, it is up to you to match the tomahawk to your list of needs. Besides chopping wood, tomahawks are sometimes used during breaching operations, excavation, removing obstacles, extraction, and as an excellent weapon in close combat.

For combat the different variations include double-edged, spiked, and polled. The double-edged has two of the ax blades, the spiked has a spike on one end, and the polled has an extension of metal that can extend 3 inches. The spiked tomahawk is a very intimidating weapon but when used in combat the spike can prove difficult to remove from your opponent. At the very least it may slow you down.

If you are going to be chopping a lot of wood then you want to make sure that the blade is at least 3 inches long. Shorter than that will do the job but will require more energy on your part to do the task. If you want the tomahawk to also serve as a hammer then you should get one that has a flat hammer poll. The hammer poll also serves as an excellent blunt weapon.

A well made Tomahawk is an excellent tool to have when your life depends on survival tasks such as chopping wood or even fighting your way out of a building. It should be a contender on the survival gear list of anyone that is serious about survival.

Source by James Sorick

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