Tactical Pens For Survival

When people hear the term “tactical pen” for the first time they often think of James Bond. James Bond used several different kinds of these pens in the movie series; a pen gun, a pen that was filled with acid, and a poison pen. Today’s tactical pens are entirely different and much more practical; and are a great addition to everyone’s survival gear.

Today’s modern tactical pen is a writing instrument that is also designed as a self-defense tool. It is really just a variation of the Kubotan, the self-defense keychain that was invented in the 1970′s by Grand Master Takayuki Kubota.

One end is always blunt and can be used to strike the assailant with blunt force trauma…or it can be used to apply pressure on pressure points to control or direct a person. Using the blunt end will give the least physical damage to the aggressor.

The other end of the tactical pen is more pointed (so that you can write with it) and is even more effective at generating pain at pressure points. The pointy end can also be used as a stabbing implement. Used with your thumb on the blunt end and stabbing downwards or to the sides repeatedly is very effective at subduing your attacker. You can strike at the soft appendages of the body such as the liver or even at the neck for an excellent effect.

If you think that you can stab someone with any common pen you are right…the problem arises if your improvised weapon breaks off when you apply any leveraged pressure or breaks off inside your attacker. If that happens you no longer have a weapon and you will be left with a very angry attacker who is full of adrenaline. That won’t happen with a tactical pen…most of today’s tactical pens are made of aircraft aluminum or a similarly strong metal that will not break.

I consider these pens to be an essential part of everyone’s survival gear. If you are attacked and you have one of these within reach you will be able to fend off most attacks. This is one of those times when the pen can be mightier than the sword!

One of the best things about tactical pens is; they look non-threatening and won’t be noticed by an aggressor. They are carried in your pants pocket, shirt pocket, jacket pocket, in your check book; wherever you want.

These pens are one of the “hot” items among the self-defense and tactical crowd because a simple, everyday carry item as inconspicuous as a writing pen can help anyone that needs to defend themselves. In my humble opinion, if you carry any kind of pen in your daily life, it should be one of these life saving tactical pens. It is more than a pen…it is an integral part of your survival gear.

Source by James Sorick

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