Antonman says:

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaans another stupid ripoff

Antonman says:


LateForWork says:

remember those days when your parents just won't buy you minecraft

Vlad TheCreeper says:

This is the worst copy of minecraft

epic adventurer says:

Top 10 best rip off game

Aight,stop reading. says:

“Topic – Minecraft”

daniel_my_daddy on IG says:

the only reason i played this game was because they had wires. that can be placed on walls, not like minecraft's redstone.

temo nishnianidze says:

SurvivalCraft 2 vs Minecraft Pocket Edition

MelloMarsh says:

I fill this can be a good game just put it on ps4 then boom

IWantUrSoulgamin says:

Ohhh I played the original I remember it was ok for a 6 year old me

TVv 1 says:

:0 anybody else remember this game

Polodingding says:

Fortnight: toddlers
Skyrim: Barbarian
Cool Math Games:Gods

Just Kokichi Triggdere says:

Minecraft vs Survival-craft

BlitzElectric says:

Hey kids in the real world you can fly and build!

BlitzElectric says:

Isn’t this minecraft survival with guns?

Bonnie Plush Productions says:

Man, this 2.87 Minecraft update looks amazing.


survivalcraft was such a good game. too bad microsoft forced the devs to stop selling it.

Chuper Cabra says:

Holee shite, i had the first one because I couldn’t buy minecraft and this just popped up in my recommended

Anonymoos Wow says:

Minecraft rip off for the idiots that don’t know what Minecraft is

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