termenatercaptenrex says:

yah a bomb idk how to make gun powder iv tried many recipes


hey this needs some skills to make this

zuhail moftizadeh says:

thanks man now i need to know how to make gun powder so i can make a bomb

charmornunz says:


termenatercaptenrex says:

and all this is made up mixes its not my real name

termenatercaptenrex says:

not david earnest enymore

termenatercaptenrex says:

my name changed youtubers im now termenatercaptenrex on youtube

Delany says:

how do you make wapons

david earnest says:

this vid is made by me termenatercaptenrex if u need help ask me an ill make some arangements to help and ill help if it changes

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