Resident Evil 2 – Why Survival Horror Had to Die

March 12, 2019 - Comment

#SurvivalHorror #ResidentEvil2 #ResidentEvil2Remake [Resident Evil 2 Remake Review Anthology – Chapter One] “Why Survival Horror Had to Die (For Resident Evil to Live)” [Chapter 2:] Support on Patreon! [] I break down and talk about what made Resident Evil 2 (1998) a masterpiece. I explain Survival Horror and how it pertains to the Resident

#SurvivalHorror #ResidentEvil2 #ResidentEvil2Remake
[Resident Evil 2 Remake Review Anthology – Chapter One]
“Why Survival Horror Had to Die (For Resident Evil to Live)”
[Chapter 2:]
Support on Patreon! []

I break down and talk about what made Resident Evil 2 (1998) a masterpiece. I explain Survival Horror and how it pertains to the Resident Evil series. Then I go through the series, starting with the first major deviation to the “Classic” genre formula, Resident Evil 4. I explain why Capcom derailed with the series and how it killed Survival Horror. Thanks to fans, they came back to their roots with Resident Evil 7. Now, with Resident Evil 2 Remake, releasing in a few short hours, will it be a hit… or a miss? We’ll have to wait and play it ourselves to see! Be sure to check out the next chapter: “Is Resident Evil 2 the Remake We Asked For?”

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Fungo says:

To those naysayers of fixed-camera angles, prepare to be EDUCATED in Chapter Two. I talk about how they were important in conveying Resident Evil 2's Survival Horror. And there are ways to implement cinematic camera shots and bring a game to 2019. People forget that Code: Veronica rarely had fixed camera angles and it's a fan favorite.

M. Sami says:

I'd like to comment on your last video, Pitty because that was one of the highest quality game review videos i seen for a long time, But hey it's your channel.
I agree with you on the resident evil recipe, But you went a bit too harsh on the remake lol.

[ Hector C N ] says:

Disabling comments… bad move fungo, bad move

Skywalker Games says:

Resident Evil invokes much of the same feelings and experiences as super Metroid or Metroid prime but with zombies and guns. Those Japanese really know how to make videogames man.

Rj Diggs says:

This video is like Star Wars: the force unleashed 1 because that game was a surprise hit and considered one of the best SW games I've ever played. This part 1 is that. Fast forward to force unleashed 2 and you can see how much of an utter mess that was. Short campaign, pointless and basically no real value added to the story. That's what your RE2 part 2 video is. It's extremely sad that you had to go the bad sequel route when you could've went better than first video route but nope, u, had to act whiney instead.

Travis Brimstone says:

I came here because you disabled. Comments in part 2. The literal only thing I have to say is: you make a huge point ( in fact it's probably your main point ) that RE1 – 3 use camera angles to convey mystery, isolation, fear, and scripted scary moments that shows us only what the directors want us to see. And that without them you can't get those. And tbh what an absolute pile of dog shit. Games with first person perspective have done a Bettet job at this than RE. Games with third person perspectives have done a better job at this than RE. I love the fixed camera angles but you don't NEED them to be scary.

Enzo Apacible says:

I had to go back to this video just to comment on that really whiny second video you made. Granted, I enjoyed this first one, it's a bit of a shame that it derailed after hearing your very one sided arguments in the second one. I'm a big fan of fixed camera angles too, but you have to admit that the camera perspective in the remake has something to offer as well that the original couldn't provide.

I guess the likes to dislikes ratio speaks for itself. (Also disabling the comments section) Perhaps refining your approach next time? Cheers.

Crag says:

Dude, disabling comments on the second video is not cool

Aran 999999999 says:

resident evil 2 remake is real survival horror. survival horror is back. RE2 remake was very good.

Kent Marie Dominic De Guzman says:

I understand the gripes about the gameplay changes but we are talking about a storyline here and the characters develop from the first few installments of the series so of course gameplay wise it changes. Like are we supposed even expect that despite all the stuff Leon/Chris went through they'd just be controlled gameplay wise like how they did before and not even develop some sort of confidence to ram through hordes of zombies years later story-wise? I think they just had to change the gameplay to match elements in the story they had in mind..

DeadlyD0right says:

nicely done, i love resident evil games but the horror aspect disappeared. now re2 remake came out and oh man i can feel it again that fear i get entering any new room love it.

Kayle Naxos says:

See with this video I thought you were reasonable. Watched your next one and you spend the entire thing whining about camera angles and disable comments like a child. Respect that capcom is a business and in order to make more games has to retain players. Re2 remake is a wonderful game that brings survival horror into relevance, just because of that and re7 we will likely see the genre revived and all you can do is bitch about the camera angles. Bit entitled, don't you think?

Firmini Gaming says:

RE7 was the firdt one i truly "played" and beat.
Playing the RE2 remake was the PERFECT introduction into this beautiful series. After seeing the care and love put into this remake, I hope to see all their legendary resident evil games get this makeover

Pipach01 says:

RE2Remake is good.
But many plot holes kill my mood = ="

Fist Nation says:

Honestly if they made re2 just like the original but better graphics people would dead ass die from heart attacks lol the cam view was annoying af but fun as hell at the same time

Nomoj says:

Thumb's up: Survival horror never dies!
Comment: Why it should?

ThePS1Fan says:

Survival Horror never died. There was always an audience for it. It was just a smaller audience than Call of Duty so publishers lost interest.

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