MSK-1 Survival Knife, Part 1: Testing & Initial Overview – D2 Steel, Survival Kit, Bow Drill Divet

March 11, 2019 - Comment

MSK-1 on Kickstarter: The MSK-1 is a knife designed by David from Ultimate Survival Tips and The Survival Show Podcast. This knife is built to be a go-to option for those who want a knife that is built to last for a long, long time. As you can see it has a unique look

MSK-1 on Kickstarter:

The MSK-1 is a knife designed by David from Ultimate Survival Tips and The Survival Show Podcast. This knife is built to be a go-to option for those who want a knife that is built to last for a long, long time. As you can see it has a unique look and as you’ll also see it does the work I put in front of it. Do you like it? What do you think – check it out and let’s hear your thoughts.

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MegaLaidback says:

That's a beefy knife.

B RADD says:

Johnny this is Raven, come in Johnny!!!

Jason’s underwater steak shop says:

I’m all for small businesses made in America , but seriously, when you try to pretend your knife is fancy with nothing special and is labeled made in America that has a fat ass price tag , most knife enthusiast won’t spend that much money on a gimmicky d2 knife with a built in survival kit . Come on now, this isn’t the 80’s newspaper selling a shitty Rambo knife that has a weak weld and with a dollar store survival kit in it

Nuancolar says:

What is the REASON for it being that expensive? I bought a knife in CPM3V from Bark River and it was around $250. That's expensive but the reason it cost more is the steel. THAT WAS THE REASON for the higher cost. What's the reason for the MSK1 costing $300 and up? Last time I checked D2 is nothing special when it comes to steels.

sawdust 69 says:

i can spend half the price and get a knife twice as good.thanks tim;-)

TheKimjoh560 says:

I sort of like it but its pretty gimmicky hiding a survival kit in the handle when it could just as easily be attached to the massive sheath for easy acces. I get the design and everything but this price rivals some of the best quality survival knives in the world, knives that are made from the highest quality materials – which this isnt. There is just no way its in the same league with knives like the Fällkniven Pro for example. Perhaps its pricing is a consequence of small scale production and will improve in time

Anyhow, it looks somewhat useful but a word that comes to mind is "excessive". Obviously a survival knife should have some heft to it but at the end of the day, simply beavering through material with a baton is better than using a chopping oriented knife that will inevitably perform general knife tasks very awkwardly.

Prepared Hykr says:

Enjoyed your review. I saw Dave's promo a couple of years ago on this knife. It looks like a great versatile knife. I was not aware of any controversy with it. However, it is a bit on the expensive side. However, I think that is due to the fact that it is a Kickstarter project and not a new line of knife coming out of an established manufacturer like Ka-Bar, CRKT, SOG, or Condor. My guess is that if Dave can secure a patent for the knife, then a knife company could pick it up and mass produce it at a lower cost, with Dave collecting the royalties much like Les Stroud with Camillus or Bear Grylls with Gerber.

M K says:

Personally, I believe the knife can be used for survival but it's not proper for all of survival situations such as chopping and batoning several sick logs. Furthermore, I strongly disagree with its price and there are so many survival knives which are much comfortable than this knife. It's really sure that there must be other options before buying this product.

Jack Murphy says:

Thanks for the review–if I were gonna spend that much for a work knife it had better be able to cook and do laundry. I have plenty of knives that can do the job and there is no way I would spend that much money on that knife–very over priced IMO

Bryan C. says:

I respect someone for creating their vision. Thankfully, respect is earned. That'll be $500. I take Visa or Amex.

The NDstructible1 says:

The issue is this knife isn't being made by OKC/KaBar/Tops/ESEE/Schrade/Gerber/ hell even a Bark River and LT Wright even White River would make more product or any other mass production company. When you make or build a random custom knife in small batches it is expensive as fuck. APO1 by Survival Lily is over $100usd for AUS 8. Bear Grylls orginal custom knife before Gerber was $700 usd. If your knife is a non production company will be expensive as fuck.

The OCD Hunter says:

If I’m going to buy a D2 tool steel knife, I’m going to go to Knives Of Alaska – they have proven they know what they are doing with their heat treat plus it is more economical. #theocdhunter

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