DobermansRock says:

When I rolled my truck last winter. Way the heck up in the mountains. This knife was all I had. I had to go 8 days alone. Lots of good times with that knife. Saved my life.

ya boi ya boi says:

I like this and only style of Bowie

Rusty Gunn 7 says:

If it's an emergency (and your life depends on it) why put it in your bug-out bag? I would not stake my life on it, nor my famiy's life either.

Greg F says:

It is not good for camping or cutting but it has saved my life more then five times. I used it at a personal defence tool. And it did ok.

Kailey Sisk says:

I had one payed $10 and it broke in half the first day I got it and tested it the second hit with the peice of wood did not split but the knife sure did


That's not a saw on the back its for scaling fish


Dont agree with you. I used this to cut off string and saw off braches for a shelter. I also used it to store matches and a firerod inside the handle for a fire. Also used it for fishing. It works great! As long as you dont missuse it like an idiot. You dont need to baton wood clamps in a survival situation. It only waste energy and important day time light. The compass was crap I do admit that. But I just ordered a new liquid filled button compass on ebay and replaced it. Only complain I have is on the lack of a sharpening stone like most other survival knives have. Its a great knife. With this you can start a fire, fish, navigate, make a shelter…. you a cant do all that with just a moraknife!!

A10 gaming says:

I only dislike one thing about this knife and it dull when you get it but that's fixable it a good knife

so steve says:

i had a rambo knife when i was a kid,had a lot of fun wwith it,but as a knife it was not very good lol

Scott Pizzo says:

how wide is its blade

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