Boss Doe says:

and still mgk thinks he has a chance.

Anonymous says:

Cod ghosts credits

TheSkywar00 says:

www 2k19

diego says:

Y pensar que el Fortnite jodio esto :, c

Constipated Snake says:

Wwe 2k19 anyone?

wolf gang 10 says:

At the end of call of duty ghost they played this song I cryed

WakeUpUniverse says:

If anyone says Fortnite in these Comments i will kill you, Thread wisely.

Vinny Bravoco says:

725 gaylords who have no taste in music

McArthur Alexander says:


Monica Pelton says:

2019 anyone?

Brandon Wright says:

2019 anyone?

Lonnie Meyer says:

Let me make this clear. I am not an eminem fan. But,this song is awesome. It completely resonates in me. Very powerful.

yo yo manjunath says:

Why is he yelling?😑

lightning mcqueen says:

Who's listening in 2019!!

Jk I don't care and anyone that does is a cringe lord

Mobile Gamer says:

Stabbing myself in the with knife in in the gut while I’m wipin my butt

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