pee is stored in the balls change my mind says:

Survival and Life Drain for a time out dove in LBF, defense though

Florian Volle says:

Anubis can win but without guardians. Damne <Saint

Cj Vazquez says:

Dove keeper is so overpowered it destroyed dove keeper

Hellion Salvo says:

Why don’t use flameguard walla

IDLY says:

A Bit unfair that shes got a Level 12 skill

Afaq Arif says:

But many players prefer Unholypack for dove Y…? And my 2nd question is how servival telent works i cant understan this working status …? Some one tell me

Scarred 4life says:

I have Skeletica, but his weakness is Dove Keeper, I also have her too, and Asura, Anubis, Ma Hatma, and more, but those are the ones I use, I want Lavanica though😢

Ekosulis Tyanto says:


Panos Ren says:

Asura…! So unlucky

rocio arisbeth alvarado calleros says:

su poder rino es ,piel piedra

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