7 Survival Reactions & How To Avoid Them – Motorcycle

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7 Survival Reactions & How To Avoid Them – Motorcycle I take you through all the ways your survival reactions or SR’s are going to kill you. Bad, bad human being. Survival reaction triggers are -In too fast -Going too wide -Too steep lean angle -Traction concerns -Rough bumpy road, etc. Here are Keith Code’s

7 Survival Reactions & How To Avoid Them – Motorcycle
I take you through all the ways your survival reactions or SR’s are going to kill you. Bad, bad human being.

Survival reaction triggers are
-In too fast
-Going too wide
-Too steep lean angle
-Traction concerns
-Rough bumpy road, etc.

Here are Keith Code’s List of Survival Reactions.
Be sure to watch twist of the wrist 2 to get more information.

1- Chopping the Throttle – Might not sound like a big deal but this can cause some serious issues. Releasing the throttle deep in a corner is almost light applying the brakes. This will stand up your bike and may throw you from it.

Playlist of Motorcycle Facts You Didn’t Know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=70YrbmXER2k&list=PLi03mccMU-QchVCKP8j18Ddk-uuEPVD8P

2- Death Grip on the Handle Bars – This survival reaction will kill you. You have to know when to let go! Hanging onto the bars will have you hitting the accelerator. Going faster in a crash is never the answer.

Videos of a motorcycle survival reactions:

3- Tunnel Vision & Frantically Looking – Don’t be overlooking important information while make a quick decisions on the road. It is easy to try to look at everything and end up looking at nothing. This is a bad motorcycle survival reaction!

Playlist of Ninja 250 Races: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-eBgr-ggPFE&list=PLi03mccMU-QeHUotJgRFOd_QBQiZmmY-R

4- Fixed Attention – Yes the ladies are nice to look at but you have to watch where you are going. Fixating your gaze on an object will mess you up in just about every way. Don’t let this motorcycle survival reaction kill you or worse let a chick catch you looking places you shouldn’t

Playlist of Riding Vlogg: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDMaoKBP_lc&list=PLi03mccMU-QfUe8IjmR5Ih2XhhMYqs1Qs

5- Steering in the Direction of the Fixed Attention – Being fixated on something is bad enough. Riding directly at it, this motorcycle survival reaction is a blank stare killer.

Playlist of How To’s For New Riders: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4HG3TvLBlSo&list=PLi03mccMU-QecnqCCKA0S0h14vfsB-tQC

6- Freezing – No you are not going to get out of your bad situation by freezing. Motorcycle survival reactions are bad, but doing nothing makes it worse.

Playlist of 2 Upping, Doubling on Ninja 250: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=weUuKZO9p2w&list=PLi03mccMU-QfZfLCeUllXPUGeAP2H759D

7- Braking Errors – There are plenty of ways this motorcycle survival reaction will kill you. Braking too late in a corner, braking too fast, not braking at all. There are so many ways you are not going home tonight.

Playlist of Ninja 250 Riding, Mods, How To: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vl2IXjnn-Qc&list=PLi03mccMU-QfGviX3_GXlOfzP5SqqWK-U

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tali lkr says:

I know its about bike but do you guys have any tip on how to hold onto in a scooter? because in a bike we can hold on the tanks

Jeff Collins says:

I servived. 55 plus mph impact. Broke my spine in two palaces and shattered my ankle. Get my first bike in a few weeks. Cbr600rr, can't wait. Sticker goes on the bike, due.

thomas williams says:

If you love her, let her go

Abdo M says:

This is terrific advice!

Jacob Kelley says:

sucks for that biker at 10:23

peter shimm says:

You're a funny guy. Liked your vid a lot–especially the possum picture. Trail braking is the answer to prevent most of the scenarios you mention, but you probably know that smart guy 😉

Blood money says:

I survived .. death gripping on handle , fixing vision .. jeez man I fuckin broke my knee

Michael Davies says:

Boring as watching paint dry

Dougie Quick says:

Everything that got me really bad has simply been me going too fast/cutting things too close to possibly make up for unforeseen things…like sand on a corner or when I got up on the tail of a pickup truck to peek around him on a canyon road …it never crossed my mind that this man would try to "help" me by slamming his brakes on….my peek around was taken by him as a "going for it pass" which the moment I saw an oncoming vehicle of course I was NOT …too late though I was too close and him hitting the brakes resulting in front tire contact with rear bumper…..I grabbed my brake as hard as I could but in an instant i was spit off the mountain side ….even a 4X4 caution twisty road sign did not stop my body from sailing off the side airborne down through the trees landing WAY DOWN into a steep ravine ….2 steel plates/a rod and 22 screws later my legs were roughly reassembled to look like legs again …I broke every single rib on right side and punctured my lung of course …other than myraids of cuts and bruises and severely separated A/C shoulder? Hey was back at work in 3 months, back on a new slower bike in a bit over a year the bike I crashed? 1986 limited edtion GSXR 750 …the one with dry clutch solo seat/rear fairing …and front brakes from bigger gsxr ( 1100cc I think) … The limited edition bike is probably worth a fortune by now as they only built 1000 of em and by far most went to the track I'm sure

Dougie Quick says:

Okay so motorcycles need more technology …. steer by wire/throttle by wire/brake by wire …no direct mechanical connections! So your motorcycle will no longer obey you if you have a fleeting moment of stupid. …And how about having flywheels inside of hollow wheel rims…making it virtually impossible for your motorcycle to fall ….the computer is monitoring and adjusting EVERYTHING….I mean you can still die if some drunk blows a red light and tee bones your ass at 85mph…other than that you can just open the twist control (quasi throttle) and suggest via steering suggestion where you want to go…computer takes care of the rest of it …and if you fail to perfom maintence? Bike shuts down at the next safe stop and then refuses to go again

Alex Supremo says:

Be less funny = shorter more informative video, more respect. Trying to present mission-critical, life-saving information in a humorous way makes people question your qualifications, authority, and knowledge. The video which you borrow from, Twist of the Wrist 2, avoids this pitfall – the author is just informative and hugely helpful. Cheers 🙂

johnybrokeit says:

That background photo of that traffic intersection in some place like India or Thailand or Malaysia or Indonesia, man. Caught me by surprise hahaha.

Tour Dojo says:

I survived. I would pimp this in Thailand on my windshield :). For me it’s all about looking where I’m going.

Tributary House Ltd. says:

I'm trying to be more positive lately. I'm trying not to be so overly critical of youtube videos that take about two minutes to begin, then add more and more fluff and crap and meaningless talky-talky.

I am trying really, really hard to be more positive.

DUDE! Seriously, you are not helping with my personal development!

orrange fingerss says:

Funny and helpful, just got my sv650 gonna be applying these tips wish me luck

Powerstroke 6.7 says:

#4 is called sight fixation. Motorcyclist will follower another rider off the road due to this.

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