Some Important Things To Remember When Playing Paintball For The First Time

Paintball is one of the sports today that people regularly play. It is a great game for teams to play. Team members will certainly have an enjoyable time coming up with survival strategies to make sure that they win the game.

Paintball isn’t one of the sports that cover or revolve around complex rules as well. However, if you are new to this sport, there are certain important things you have to remember and follow to make sure that you and everyone playing enjoys the game. Knowing the basic rules and do’s and don’ts will also ensure that no one will get hurt during the game.

Below are some of the important things you have to remember when playing paintball for the first time:

Remove your mask only in designated areas.

Paintballs travel at speeds as fast as 280 miles per hour and as such, they can easily remove an eye. As much as possible, keep your mask on once the game starts and remove it only when it has officially ended or you are out of the paintball field.

Be responsible.

Always keep your paintball gun unloaded and remove the tank when it is not in use. Keep the guns away from small children as well so that they won’t accidentally hurt themselves.

Never pretend you were not hit.

This is usually considered the biggest offense in paintball. In the spirit of sportsmanship, always acknowledge if you are out.

During a match, you can request a paint check if you are not sure that you are dead.

The referee will then determine whether you were hit or not. This will especially be helpful if you were hit in the back or some other difficult to reach areas.

As an individual player, always focus on three important elements: Cover, Mobility, and Confidence.

In paintball, staying behind a tree, bush fort, or hiding under a ditch, are the best and easiest way to avoid getting hit. However, try to avoid hiding behind or under obvious or minimal cover and plan your movements so that you can move quickly from one shelter to the next.

Although taking cover is essential, don’t forget to move as well. Remaining in one place for a long time will allow your opponents to discover your position and possibly flank you. Seasoned paintball experts recommend charging from your cover firing at all visible enemies since they will be more likely to dodge than to take accurate shots.

Lastly, in terms of confidence, keep in mind that not being confident will lead to panic maneuvers that can get you hit. Being overconfident, on the other hand, may lead to exposing yourself. Paintball is a game of strategy, not luck. As such, always check your flank for possible danger and never make rash decisions if there is still some time for you to consider your options.

Source by Barbara Greene

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