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Professional RVs & Motorhomes Help Website Business Fully Monetized – Easy To Use Owner Admin Area – 100% Ownership The winner of this auction will receive a professional RVs & Motorhomes help website as pictured above and shown in the demo links below and we will register any available domain name of your choice. Your

Professional RVs & Motorhomes Help Website Business Fully Monetized – Easy To Use Owner Admin Area – 100% Ownership The winner of this auction will receive a professional RVs & Motorhomes help website as pictured above and shown in the demo links below and we will register any available domain name of your choice. Your website will offer 3 DIFFERENT streams of income and has the potential to be a “serious money-maker”! This Ready to go online business allows you to make money even when your customers don’t buy anything! Read on to learn more about all 3 different streams of income. FACT: Consumers spend over 500 million dollars per year on related products and services …Talk about a potential Cash Cow! How It Works: People come to The Website and can browse thru and blog about tons of professional articles, watch informative help videos & review/purchase related products and services all from the comfort of their own homes. The new owner will earn a nice commission for every product/services sold thru the website as well as every time anybody evens clicks on any of the contextual ads or banners so you can make money without selling anything. With some time invested into free marketing The Website can easily make thousands per month and pretty much set on auto-pilot! And the best part of this business of that you carry no inventory at all. The entire “after sale” operation is handled by your affiliates including credit card processing, shipment & support! You just sit back and collect commissions. Your commission checks come on time every single month without fail….It’s some of the easiest money you’ll ever make and with currently 3 different income sources The Website will have massive income potential! The website includes a powerful, yet simple, admin area controls the banners and articles in the rotation, with 1 click you will be able to add/edit/remove banners and articles. Have You Ever Heard the Term ‘Content Is King’ ? Included is a collection of 20 professional private label articles which you can edit and call your own. Each article has income producing contextual ads integrated so you get paid for every click! Better yet each article automatically increases the keyword count which will ensure The Website will be indexed by all the major search engines such as google and yahoo which is the key to constantly getting laser targeted traffic month after month and the best part is you will never pay a single red cent for any of the traffic! In addition to the articles The Website also loaded with many informative how to videos that will keep your users coming back for more. WordPress Admin Area: The Website features a powerful wordpress admin area that will allow the new owner to control ALL aspects of the websites from articles & blog posts to Advertisements and WordPress Plugins. The best part is the admin area is 100% point & click which means no prior website knowledge or special skills are required. The admin area also gives you direct access to 1000s of FREE wordpress plugins from Google sitemaps to language translators that you can automatically install with just 1 click of your mouse. Due to the fact the website is 100% live we can NOT give demo access to the admin area however below is a screenshot of the admin area’s homepage: Click here to view A demo Website Income Source #1 The Website will be linked to an affiliate superstore that sells many different related products and services. The new owner will earn commission from all sales that occur when customers purchases anything from The Website! Average amount spent per customer is $138.00. You will between earn 4% – 9% on everything you sell. See the table below for examples of potential income from the sale of related products and services: # of sales per day Daily Income Monthly Income 1 $10.00 $300 5 $50.00 $1,500 10 $100.00 $3,000 Income Source #2 The Website comes setup with contextual ads on every single page. Each time a visitor clicks on any one of those ads you will be paid a nice payout of on average $1 per click. Let me be clear, the visitor does NOT need to buy anything, they just click the ad and you make money. Contextual ads pay anywhere from a $0.10 to $20 per click, depending on the popularity of the keywords related to your site. See the table below for examples of potential income from visitors clicking on the contextual ads. Income per Click Clicks per Day Monthly Income $1.00 50 $1,500 $2.00 50 $3,000 $3.00 50 $4,500 Income Sources #3 The Website will also have additional banner ad placement zones across the entire site along with a fully automated banner rotation on every page. The Banner Ads offer an opportunity to earn huge commission payouts! You will earn between $20-$50 anytime your customer purchases something by clicking on one of your banner ads. The average payout per banner ad is $50. See the table below for examples of potential income from visitors clicking on banners ads and making a purchase. # of Sales per day Daily Income Monthly Income 1 $50 $1,500 5 $250 $7,500 10 $500 $15,000 This Business is Ready To Run: There are NO products to buy and try to resell Ready to be picked up by all the major search engines for tons of free traffic NO shipping expenses NO website maintenance is needed NO dealing with customers at all NO programming or website design experience is needed 100% turn-key operation Fully featured banner rotation contextual ads integrated into every page Sell additional banner advertising No overhead ! The Website produces 100% PROFIT Unique, Custom & Professional Design Between Google and Yahoo alone there are over 10 million searches done monthly just for the keyword “RVs & Motorhomes”, the bottom line is There is SO MUCH POTENTIAL to make money with this site ! Click here to view A demo of The Website Frequently Asked Questions:Will I require any special skills or training to be able to successfully run this website ? NO… We will install The website as shown so no technical knowledge is required by you. You can simply follow our free marketing plan and start making money within a short period. The website has an easy to use admin area that will allow you to have full control over the website.Can the website be edited or changed? Yes, the website is built on the wordpress platform so it has a fully function admin panel which will allow you to change everything from the websites content, to ads to even adding new pages with NO special skills or knowledge required.Can I change the articles and add new content ? Yes, we actually recommend this. Customizing current articles and adding new articles is an excellent way to market your website for free. The more relevant content your website is stocked with the better your rankings in search engines likes Google, yahoo ect. will be. You do NOT pay for traffic your website gets via links in Google and other major search engines organic listings. You can even rename the articles and call yourself the writer since PLR rights are included.How Long Before my website is ready to use? We request 72 hours for turnaround however generally is much less. Within 12 hours of payment we will contact you to get the ball rolling.Which domain register do you use? We will register your domain at sourcefordomains.com then transfer ownership to you, you will just need a free account with sourcefordomains.com. If you use your own domain you can use any register you want. You can also move domains we register for you to another register of your choice for NO fee after 60 days (this is an icann rule)Which hosting provider do you use? We use getnetpresence.com, you will get the best rates and services anywhere online plus 1 free month of hosting to start!Can this website be run from anywhere in the world ? Yes as long as you can get on the internet you can run this business. The cPanel control panel also supports all languages so the hosting control panel can be customized to any languages you want or even different languages for different users.Can I use my own domain name and hosting account ? YES! if you have your own domain and hosting just let us know after the auction and we will install the website for you at NO extra cost onto your hosting.FREE BONUSES: To help you make the most of this new business opportunity we have put together a website promotion pack that will show you how to easily get 1000s of laser targeted visitors to your website. Our marketing packages includes : More questions? Please don’t hesitate to contact us !