Resourcefulness: Key to Survival

Resourcefulness is a vital attribute to achieve goals whether it’s short or long-term and thus is a key skill to develop. Being resourceful is a skill we need to have in this era and generation. There are unexpected roadblocks as we journey in our live. It is very important to surmount them using our willingness to think various possible solutions in order to move forward towards our goals in life.

Resourceful people think that they can influence outcomes. They can minimize the effects of bad luck by maximizing skill and hard work. It is a person’s mindset to solve problems if there are problems available to be solved. It is also about learning from mistakes and the ability to make decisions and finding solutions on their own.

In fact, there are many people who started as just a mere nobody but are able to reach the top and become a somebody due to resourcefulness. These people converted their barriers to achievement into their advantage. These people find solutions to their limitations instead of giving focus to what they do not have.

Our major enemies include problems, difficulties and resistance to change. However, we can beat this by thinking how to outwit them. By doing this, we are able to defeat them. We need to apply calm and careful reasons to problems in order to beat them.

However, it is not enough just to act quickly and appropriately. We have to do it in a creative and innovative way in order to generate the best thinking and application of our available resources.

Resourcefulness is not just about thinking how to make things work but it is more on making things happen. We need to be resourceful enough to overcome any hurdles that we encountered due to our lack of resources. It is also about thinking different ways we might possibly be able to get the outcome we want through our own thinking and initiative.

If we are confronted with many problems right now, it is our responsibility to check how to approach these roadblocks. If one approach is not effective, then we need to try other strategies until we are satisfied with our outcome. It is about defining the real problem and how we work it out.

Remember, every problem has a solution. We just have to be intuitive and imaginative in beating these roadblocks to success by using our resourcefulness and initiative.

Source by Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

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