X type small barbecue


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Size: (L) X (W) X (H) 29X26X29 cm / 11 ” X 10 ” X 11 “(appr.)

Folding Size: (L) X (W) X (H) 29X26X5 cm / 11 ” X 10 ” X 2 “(appr.)

1. This product is exquisite in design, easy to assemble and disassemble, foldable design, effectively reduce storage space, can be placed in the trunk or trunk of the car at will, is the first choice for picnic or outing.
2. The oven is small in size and light in weight, only 1.2kg, light and compact, and it is easy to carry.
3. It is easy to disassemble and install. It only takes one or two minutes to open, so you can enjoy the barbecue fun easily. After the expansion, the larger barbecue area can be used for 2-4 people.
4. The surface of the barbecue net is nickel-plated, free of heavy metal pollution, and can be used with confidence; the surface of the grill body is electrolytically treated, which is beautiful and smooth.
5. Because of its good adaptability to outdoor demand, the product meets the needs of modern people’s outdoor leisure life and green and healthy living concept, which highlights the healthy image of the company caring for consumers and caring for a happy life. With its unique and exquisite design, the products have been widely used in various industries for gift gifts, and are favored by various people.


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