Emergency Orange Waterproof Survival Sleeping Bag (Silver)

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Type: First Aid Kits

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Emergency Sleeping Bag Outdoor Sports Equipment First Aid Sleeping Orange Waterproof Bag for Outdoor Survival Camping and Hiking

product description:
 For emergencies: multi-purpose use as survival kits, ponchos, emergency shelters, etc., suitable for your small bag. Suitable for emergencies that require warmth or prevent all weather conditions. Helps prevent hypothermia and shock by retaining/reflecting up to 90% of the user’s body heat. The bright orange color of this emergency blanket shell is essential to help rescuers find you.
Durable and reusable: The survival bag is made of 26um polyester film material with a tear and puncture resistant coating, so it can withstand extreme conditions. They can prevent and reduce hypothermia by reducing the body’s heat loss. Cover the injured victim to help reduce shock. The emergency sleeping bag is durable enough to be reused, so it can be folded back and placed back in a waterproof nylon bag for the next adventure.
Easy to use: It’s easier than an emergency space blanket, just take it out of the bag, unfold and climb inside. An emergency sleeping bag can be used as a sleeping bag liner to maintain body temperature. This bivy bag is small and lightweight, easy to carry and store. Tent camping equipment for camping, trail running, marathon, tactical equipment and travel first aid kits.

Material: pe tear resistant material
Size: 200*92
Parameters: orange-neutral nylon bag

Packing list: storage bag + product


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