Preparation and Planning for the Evacuation of Pets

Many families have household pets. Most are important members of the family. Sometimes they are inadvertently ignored when it comes to things such as vacations, Sunday trips and other family activities. Some animals earn their keep, and others are purely pets. Whatever the case, we value the animals we have chosen to share our lives with. The one area that is often overlooked is advance planning in the unfortunate instance of evacuation if the need arises.

Have two kits ready:

It is best to have two evacuation kits prepared in advance, one containing the supplies needed to supply you for at least three day’s. The second should be a smaller bag with enough supplies to enable your family, your pet and you to escape immediately. Be certain to have in both kits a picture of you together in the event you are separated. During the search, people may be able to recognize your animal easier when associated with you. Have all documentation for vaccinations and health issues for your animals. If you have a dog or cat, they need to have a collar with applicable tags, name, rabies shot and registration tag. If an identity chip is used, make sure it is on a national data base identifying them.

One kit in the event for immediate escape:

This should consist of the items common to both packs, plus enough water for a long hike, at 8.34 pounds per gallon it doesn’t take long for it to get heavy. (Never drink or use flood water). Two day’s medication, food for two days and a familiar toy will help to ease the stress.

The second kit in the event you are stranded:

Some situations make it impossible for relief from an emergency situation for several days, or longer. In this pack there should be enough supplies for you, your family and pets to survive for three days. It is important to note that in the event you are evacuated to a relief site, most likely your dog, cat, birds or others will not be allowed to join you.

If you are rescued:

Your animals will most likely not be allowed to evacuate along with you. To protect them, an emergency plan must be established in advance. Included in the plan should be a way to communicate with family members. It is best to have a contact by telephone that is long distance. Local lines may be totally jammed up. Make a buddy plan with other’s that may be in the same situation as you. Decide and plan for them to watch your animals. This is especially important if you’re disabled as you will most likely be top priority to be evacuated.

Your Pet’s needs are the same as yours:

When you are making your evacuation plans and decide to either purchase or assemble emergency packs, it’s good to keep in mind your animals needs match yours. With that and advance planning your chances of successfully surviving improve with the amount of detail you place in your plans.

Source by Jacques Lebec

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