Practicing the Essential Selfishness of Survival

The title and scope of this article are important because of the direct connection to the current global crisis that we are in. Specifically, the article relates to common, everyday, hardworking families and their survival during this crisis, particularly, when common sense regulation has not existed in years and greedy predators have been allowed to feed off of the innocent, misinformed and uninformed.

When writing it is important for me to choose my words carefully although each reader will have their own interpretation. It is never my intention, however, to control the interpretations of my words; yet to only control the message behind what is conveyed. This is why I believe it is necessary at this point to breakdown the meanings of these key words essential, selfishness and survival. According to Webster’s dictionary, essential is defined as “of the utmost importance,” selfishness is defined as “arising from concern with one’s own welfare or advantage in disregard of others. And finally, survival is defined as, “the act or fact of surviving especially under adverse or unusual circumstances. When bringing these three words together under the title, “Practicing the Essential Selfishness of Survival,” the meaning that I want to convey is this, “because of the current global crisis that we are now facing, it is extremely important that common, everyday, hard-working people begin to seriously focus on their own welfare and advantage in order to survive under these unusual and frightening conditions.”

Why must we do this now? The era of globalization has changed the rules of the game but many of us are still using the same strategies for acquiring wealth that we were taught to use in a pre-globalization era. In article two of this series, I will expound on this subject but the point I want to make at this critical hour is that the days of relying solely on only one source of income, a job, the government, corporate America or anyone else to provide the safety net for your families are gone. This was a pre-globalization strategy. The era that we are now living in literally places the world at your fingertips and requires you to be much more diverse in your thinking and innovative in terms of how you obtain wealth. If you are one of the fortunate ones to have not lost your job during this time then this is great, be thankful, even though we are not quite out of the water yet. If you were not so fortunate, however, then the question you should ask yourself is, “what can I do different to ensure that I will never end up in a situation like this again?”

By practicing the essential selfishness of survival does this mean that you have to disadvantage or manipulate someone else to achieve your own gain, like many in our society have done? Of course not! What it does mean is that even in the worst economic crisis since the great depression there are still a tremendous amount of opportunities that exist if you are prepared to do three things: 1) think outside the box and perceive new realities; 2) change your mental paradigm away from a pre-globalization type of thinking; and 3) position yourself to get ahead of the trends. If you do these three things no one and I do mean no one will ever control you and your family’s destiny again.

For example, let us take a look at a growing trend that is exploding more and more by the day. This happens to be e-commerce or the buying and selling over the internet. As an increasing number of people become more and more comfortable with shopping online, opportunities for the average person to market products and services to these people are increasing as well. And with the internet and an automated process, you can literally do business 24 hours a day. Keep in mind that when you are sleeping someone else around the world is awake. With an open mind, a new mental paradigm and by positioning yourself now to take advantage of this growth, a person new to e-commerce (i.e. a newbie) that has access to the right information could literally start earning 100 dollars per day or more online in a short period of time. And believe me there are a lot of testimonials out there to prove that it is being done. The point is this, when you say with conviction that “I will never again put my future or my family’s future in someone else’s hands” and that “I will practice the essential selfishness of survival,” then there is no limit to what you will be able to achieve at that point.” Remember a made up mind cannot be stopped.

In closing, it is up to you whether or not you want to take action now or later. The e-commerce trend and other trends will continue to grow and opportunities for focused individuals are not likely to cease any time soon. The choice is yours. Don’t Delay!

Copyright (C) 2009

Source by Anthony L. Green

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