Planning For Various Disasters

It can often become overwhelming when survivalists embark upon thinking of the vulnerabilities that can befall us. It becomes more and more complex to properly organize for any circumstances that we may come upon whether its dirty bombs, solar generated EMP, plagues or economic collapse. In addition, it’s very challenging to ensure that we are equipped for everything when one has limited resources available to them. That is one reason why it is vital to establish just what hazards are most likely to transpire in your neck of the woods.

While we could conceivably lose all our electronic equipment as a consequence of EMP originating from the Sun, I think we can consign that scenario to the bottom of our list. On the other hand it is very doubtful that any sort of major EMP incident will ever take place as a result of a nuclear explosion. If such a thing were to happen here in America it is apt to be the end result of some kind of dirty bomb being exploded within cities across America. I say it’s unlikely since any invasion of America will be for the value of the land itself. As I was taught in Forward Air Control the attacker will not wish to destroy their ability to use conquered land effectively.

That does not however signify that we are out of the fire yet, for our current power grid is old and in the event that some terrorist manages to activate a local EMP attack we could be without power for a very long time. Think back for a moment to the power outage which occurred on the east coast in 2003. Since our power grids are interrelated to such a great extent any damages that occurs at one point in the line ultimately moves up and down it to other locations as well.

The various types of EMP attacks will expectedly annihilate the huge transformers that are so common of a sight on the electrical poles. Seems like it would be a fairly simple task for the electrical company to replace those transformers when they go bad and get us all back in the electrical stream again doesn’t it. Well it’s really not so simple at all. Don’t even think that in a situation such as this that the electric company or the government whether it is federal or state, will be there to rescue you. They more then likely do not have the supplies necessary. Even if they want to there will be little that they can do for you since the transformers that may have blow out are manufactured in such small quantities, a few at a time.

Another favorite scenario is the solar flares. A solar flare has previously struck the Earth around the middle of the 1800s, at which time it ended up cooking much of the telegraph wire infrastructure. Another time in 2004 there was a super flare who’s intensity was rated between X45 to X50. Lucky for us this problem ended up bypassing the Earth at the last minute. Had it struck the earth we all would have needed a retreat to scamper to. Solar flair ups have happened in the past, they still happen and they will occur in the future as well.

Of interest you will find that the EMP that originates from the Sun is a bit different than what you would find coming from a nuclear explosion. These are what are called long waves and they will cook electrical transformers however, for the most part your electronic equipment and components should be safe.

Since the likelihood of EMP attacks are low you may be wondering why prepare then. You still should be ready if possible. Protect your electronic products such as your two way radios, etc. The cost of protection is very little for these types of small items and hurts nothing by being done.

Many parts of the United States are prone to natural type disasters. It is those types of disasters that we would be prudent to prepare for. We are more likely to see widespread flooding; tornado filled skies as well as ice and snow storms every winter. Our weather appears to be getting exceedingly violent as the years roll on. It takes only hours for a major flood to totally devastate a good size city.

When disasters like flooding are eminent it is likely that you will lose water service so you have to plan accordingly. Store up ahead of time on water to ensure you have plenty of this valuable liquid for your family to drink as well as for cooking and flushing the toilet. While you still have access to the public utilities you would want to fill buckets and your tub with fresh water. A BBQ grill is a great addition if you need something to cook on in emergencies. If its gas fired ensure you have a few extra canisters of propane handy.

Some states just normally provide more opportunities for a family to practice their survival skills then do others. The people in these particular states should be very well stocked and ready for emergencies but surprisingly they are not. You would be amazed at how unprepared many of the people are. They are not even ready with the most common of survival gear and supplies. In most cases, it isn’t about money as the family has an adequate income but would prefer to invest in their homes, vacations and high tech toys as opposed to survival supplies. These people should not be misled into thinking because they have a battery radio, a few flashlights and some firewood (not enough for emergencies) stacked neatly in their back yard that they are ready for a disaster – they are not. Usually they fail to stock up on extra food, sufficient supplies of water, or backup power of any sort.

Another possible scenario in our nation today would be economic collapse. This disaster is quickly edging its way to the number one spot on our list. It isn’t a mater of possibly happening but rather when it will occur. Mark my word it will happen for sure. You would benefit yourself and your family to be ready when it does.

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