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great jewish music My husband didn’t think” parting the waters” was Jewish, he’d heard it before. It is very inspirational music with talented artists with good singing voices.On holidays-Passover now, it was nice to listen to Jewish music sung in some synogogues,as well. It can be hauntingly beautiful-I got it with “Shabat” album.It is hard to be Jewish in a largely Christian society-religious or not,where The Christian religion is pushed by media,prosylitizing for the Christian…

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Awesome Collection The variety of styles is refreshing, exciting, and spans at least 2 generations. Even the songs that seem to have their roots from 50 years ago are done in a way that brings life to both the songs and the styles. I rarely love an entire album, and never before by several artists I had never heard of: this is a first for me. I started singing the songs right away. I looked up the words, and found that I love the prayers even more because the music brings them more to life than ever…

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