MRE Meals – Stock Up in Case of Emergency

If your husband was in the service during the 80s, you might be hard pressed to get him to try MRE meals! The MRE survival food of today is not only designed for emergencies but it tastes good as well! The best solution is to order a variety pack and bring it along as camping food. When your family discovers that freeze dried meals do not mean tasteless, they will wonder if maybe they should listen to Mom more often!

The problem seen some time ago was the ration packs would either not have been completely dried at the manufacture or the package drew in moist air. These problems have been taken care of and you are assured of a quality product with MRE foods today. The meals, ready to eat are sealed and guaranteed fresh with a shelf life of decades.

In light of today’s economy and the uncertainty we all face about the future it is a good idea to be prepared. Stock up on emergency food for your family’s sake and that will be a worry off your mind. I can share with you from personal experience that after a natural disaster, the first step to recovery is safety and the second step is food for survival. When your electricity is out for days, a military MRE with its self-heating pouch saves the day!

Everyone has heard horror stories of eating army rations in days gone by. I believe that is why Tabasco sauce became so popular in drowning the MRE meals! Now days, companies such as MREStar and Ameriqual offer freeze dried food that you would be happy to serve your family in times of emergency. It is also great backpacking food on camping trips when it is not feasible to cook and clean up afterwards.

MRE meals contain hearty entrees such as chicken ala king, spaghetti with meat sauce, and beef stew with rice. There are breakfast MREs and even dessert! The MRE manufacturer, Sopakco, provides fully prepared, nutritious, shelf stable meals that are ready to eat when life is interrupted by an emergency. The military meals are your best defense in survival preparation.

Source by Catherine Bormant

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