Making Reading Fun for Children

One of the very best things that a parent can give to their children is a love of learning and reading. Most children, by nature, like to read and will be excited when it is story time. However, some children find it less than thrilling and more of a chore than an adventure. If you find yourself wanting to make reading more fun for your children, follow these simple steps.

Step #1 – Choose the right book!

The very first thing is to make sure the book you are reading with your child is the right one. Check to make sure that the book is age appropriate and that they will understand the subject matter easily. Also keep in mind the length of the book. If a book is too long, your child may find it boring. If it is too short, they may not be challenged enough with it to pay attention. The subject of the book is also important. Let your child pick books that they want to read and that appeal to their interests.

Step #2 – Let the Child Be Involved!

Whether it is turning the page, reading sections, or pointing out their favorite part of the illustrations, let the child be involved. Children are natural born “helpers” and they usually take more ownership of things that they feel they have helped to create or develop.

Step #3 – Lead by Example!

Children will many times follow the example of the people they look up to. If they think that reading is something that is boring or tedious to you, they may lose interest as well. Never rush through a book or give the impression that reading to them is a chore.

Step #4 – Discuss!

When you finish reading a page, chapter, or book, take the time to discuss it with your kids. Ask them questions about the plot, characters, or imagery. Find out what they liked most and if they have any questions or didn’t understand part of it. By having a discussion, you can better gauge what your child is thinking or feeling in regards to the story.

Step #5 – Make it a Habit!

Like most anything else done on a regular basis, reading will become a habit if you do it enough. Pick a time each day and make it a habit to read during that time. If you stick with it, this part of their day will become just as important and routine as eating lunch or going to bed. Once this habit forms, your child will naturally continue to read everyday as they grow older.

Source by Jenni Foster

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