Home Defense 3 Effective Tactics

Today I’m going to write about three simple things you can use to protect yourself and your family. How can you use a bat and a sock to protect yourself. How can you keep your food safe during a home invasion. And how can you defend yourself from 30 feet away with a common household item.

Let’s get started…

You need a simple sock and a bat to protect yourself – What you do with the sock is, you slide it over the end of the bat and that’s how you store it. If you had to use it – If you were being attacked, and the attacker tried to pull the bat away from you; They’re going to take the sock, you still have the bat. Isn’t that a good idea? Put a sock over a bat, and keep by the door.

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How do you keep your food safe during a home invasions. Well, first thing is you have to separate your food. You have to have your basic pantry, basic items, and then your reserve pantry. Your reserve pantries should be hidden; somewhere in your house. I don’t know how your house is laid up, you figure it out. But there’s places like near your laundry area in a utility space, you can use a bucket to put some cans of food in a bucket covered up and stored with your paint. So if a home invader came into your house, they will only take a small amount of what you have, you still have a reserve.

There’s a predator in your house. What do you have to protect yourself with? Have you thought about it? You’re gonna want to think about it right then and there. Wasp Spray – These spray bottles have a reach which is about 25 feet. Similar to pepper spray – That’s what you need to have in strategic places through out your house. Places that makes sense, where you know where it is at all times. You’re still here? Don’t forget to leave a comment below of what you think should be added.

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