Ryno Tuff Trekking Poles, Durable Carbon Fiber Hiking Pole with Natural Cork Handle and Extended EVA Grips, Ultralight, Expandable, Collapsible, Foldable, Set of 2 Walking Sticks

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How to use your Trekking Poles 1. Unfold the sections and insert the bottom section into the top one.2. Hold the handle with one hand and with the other pull out the 3rd section that is stored inside the handle (you will see an arrow marked pull).3. Continue to pull firmly (don’t be afraid to

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How to use your Trekking Poles
1. Unfold the sections and insert the bottom section into the top one.
2. Hold the handle with one hand and with the other pull out the 3rd section that is stored inside the handle (you will see an arrow marked pull).
3. Continue to pull firmly (don’t be afraid to apply a little force) until the little metal locking knob clicks. All sections should be tight now.
4. Flip the lever and turn the “easy twist” locking mechanism counterclockwise to adjust the 4th section to your preferred height. NOTE: The “Stop” warning should not be visible when using your poles.
Please Note: While the poles are built with 100% ultralight carbon fiber for unreal lightness, we did allow for the bottom section to be built with aluminum since that part absorbs most of the shock and aluminum is stronger, allowing for more durability.
Specifications:Collapsed in the carry bag: 17 inches, 1.5 lbs. Unfolded: Extendable from 42 till 54 inches. Materials: Top 3 sections 100% Carbon Fiber Bottom Section 7075 Aluminum
Whats Included:2 Collapsible Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles; Natural Cork handles with extended EVA handles, Adjustable padded straps, Tungsten tips. Plus; 2 Rubber tips, 2 Rubber boots for trekking on pavement, 2 Mud baskets for trekking on softer ground, 2 Snow baskets for snowy terrains, 1 Ballistic Polyester travel bag to protect your precious poles.
Ryno TuffFor When The Tough Get Going!
As adventurous people we need the toughest equipment that can be found and have been disappointed too often by kit that can’t keep up with us. We are constantly pushing ourselves to climb higher and hike further and we need our kit to go the distance with us. If you are struggling to find equipment that can keep up with you on your adventures you need look no further than Ryno Tuff.

Product Features

  • HIKE BETTER, FARTHER, LONGER AND CARRY MORE WEIGHT: Trekking Poles are proven to help all trekkers from beginners to the most advanced thru-hikers. It reduces stress and fatigue, helps your posture when hiking and allows you to carry heavier weight loads. Included accessories make it easier to hike on different terrains. Each set comes with 2 mud baskets 2 snow baskets 2 rubber boots and 2 rubber tip protectors.
  • COMFORTABLE NATURAL CORK GRIPS: The ergonomic handle is more comfortable than EVA and conforms to the shape of your hand and as an extra benefit, it has moisture-wicking capabilities to reduce sweating. For even easier trekking we have included an extended EVA handle underneath the cork which you can use to adjust your grip when the terrain changes. The handle has an adjustable padded strap to ensure a better more comfortable grip.
  • ADJUSTABLE, COLLAPSIBLE AND FOLDABLE: The poles extend from 41″ to 52″ inches, making it perfect for men and women as well as older children. Even with that, they still collapse to a mere 17 inches in height. The only adjustable bifold trekking pole, this will allow to easily carry it around when not in use without it getting in your way. The poles itself weigh about a pound so it does not add too much weight to your load.
  • BUILT TUFF TO LAST: We used only the best and the strongest materials to ensure long lasting durability. 100% Carbon Fiber materials are the best choice for thru-hiking where every ounce is at a premium. Please note for increased durability we did build the bottom section of the pole from aircraft grade 7075 aluminum (since that part gets the brunt of the shock we decided to increase the chances of durability). However, if you still have any concern we do offer a “Lifetime Warranty” so any time
  • PLANT A TREE AND HELP US SAVE THE PLANET! Yes, we are tough on the outside but inside we’re just real softies. In addition to providing you with quality Sporting, Hiking and Camping gear, our mission is to protect the planet we live on, especially its forests. We want to preserve the beauty we enjoy for the next generation. With every purchase at Ryno Tuff we will plant a tree for you through the National Forest Foundation.