Food Dehydration – Food Survival Technique

To prevent decay and the growth of microrganisms drying became a great food preservation technique. Dehydrating the food for survival is just as good and in some cases better than other preservation methods. It has been around since ancient times and it is still one of the greatest techniques for survival. The method of using the sun and the wind for drying food has been used for

thousands of years.

Food dehydration has been established as the most efficient preservation technique for most crops, however the traditional method of sun and wind drying is very difficult. Aside from being very labor intensive there are other disadvantages to the traditional method of food dehydration such as the loss of certain nutrients (especially Vitamin A), as well as contamination from birds, insects and dust. Also, the traditional method of sun and wind drying is very reliant on the weather, therefore many machines are used today for the technique of food drying. Some of the machines used for food dehydration are solar dryers, food dehydrator ovens, and grain dryers. With the use of machines the food can retain most of it’s nutrients and most of it’s original flavor as well.

The Grab ‘n Go bucket is a great food survival product. It contains ready-made meals that are packed in airtight NITROGEN PACKED pouches (removing up to 98% of residual oxygen). They come in compact four gallon square buckets. They are light, very easy to carry and are stackable making them easy to store. If you are placed in an emergency situation the bucket itself can serve for other purposes such as for digging or for disposing of waste as well. The Grab ‘n Go bucket ready-made meal packets were designed using both techniques of freeze drying and food dehydration. They make a great addition to any of your survival kits.

Source by Anne Heller

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