Discover the Temagami Region of Ontario by Dog Team

The Temagami region of Ontario is one of the province’s best kept secrets. Blessed with over a million acres of crystal clear lakes and countless ancient canoe routes, the Temagami wilderness offers the very best of the Canadian Shield topography. Deep boreal forests and impressive glacial stone are the main features of the landscape and are home to multitudes of plant and animal species.

Rich in human history, Temagami has been home to the Anishnabai people for thousands of years. Evidence, such as the pictographs on Diamond Lake, serves to transport travelers back in time to an age of camaraderie, hard work, and survival…a reminder that the world existed before computers and email!

The traditional way of travel during the winter months was by swift dog teams which enabled hunters to cover many miles of trap lines and carry loads of supplies to the trading posts.

It is the very same traditional trail system known as Nawstagan that you will be traveling today by dog team. Wolf Within adventures is a company that promotes traditional ways of travel; their mission is to keep sled dogs as a part of Temagami’s heritage. Much has changed over the years however, dog sledding still remain one of the true pleasure offered to anyone blessed by an adventurous spirit.

Dog teams today are mostly made up of Alaskan huskies; a medium size mix breed, world recognized for their endurance, stamina and very friendly nature. Their excitement to run is contagious and they are eager to lead you through an amazing landscape; across windswept lakes, over muskegs and down the snowy highways trough the forest.

These dogs are excellent athletes; they have proven their ability over and over again during the thousand mile sled dog races such as the Iditarod in Alaska and the Yukon Quest that runs between Canada and Alaska. The countless hours spent caring for them, training and playing, generate a strong bond between the dogs and the driver in such a way that human efforts are rewarded by these amazing dogs many times over, once on the trail.

Source by Francesco Libertini

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