Beast Mastery Hunter in WoW – Facts and Tiers For BM Hunter Spec in WotLK

Focusing on the Beast Mastery talent tree is seen as a good idea for leveling and grinding in general. Focusing on this talent tree will make your pet into a great damage dealing tank that will be able to take a lot of damage and do a very decent job of it as well.

Specing in Beast Mastery hunter in WoW will rarely cause you to pull aggro from your pet because you get some abilities that will stop that from happening, so this is definitely a great leveling build.

It’s true that with a Beast Mastery build your hunter won’t be as strong as he could be on a Marksmanship build, nor will you have the combat bonuses to ensure your continued survival like with a Survivalist build, but for fighting mobs and leveling up it does the job nice. You can do rather OK in PvP as well although not stellar, as for end-game raiding, you’ll have to re-spec.

There are a couple of talents that you need to have in order to make the most out of your Beast Mastery build:

o Tier 1 – Both Improved Aspect of the Hawk and Endurance Training are useful and are must-have.

o Tier 2 – Focused Fire and Thick Hide are must-haves, Improves Aspect of the Monkey not so much while Improved Revive Pet may or may not prove useful depending on your play style.

o Tier 3 – Pathfinding is good only for the first 30 or so levels until you get your first mount after that it’s going to be useless, however Unleashed Fury is a definite must-have for this sort of build.

Other important talents that you’ll need are Ferocity, Intimidation, Bestial Wrath, The Beast Within, Kindred Spirits and of course Beast Mastery.

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