My name is David J. Colon, I'm a part time Developer, Full time workaholic. I live in Orlando Florida. Been working online since 2008, developing Interactive Informational Websites. I currently build what I like to call as Income Funnel sites.


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Job title: Mechanic Company: Frito-Lay North America Job description: This is a full-time experienced Maintenance Mechanic position that is responsible for troubleshooting, repairing… Expected salary:… Read More »Mechanic


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We dropped him off at diabetes camp today for the first time. He was completely, 100%, ready to go. After we got him settled, he… Read More »Camp


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Vendo matte painting visualizzabili su www.flickr.com/photos/polimaurizio/, a 20 euro l’uno con firma e numero di serie e dimensioni originali. Per eventuali chiarimenti mi potete contattare… Read More »Valley-1


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camping fun

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Versailles | France

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