Are the Olympic Games Worth More Than Life?

We are heading into a global catastrophe and the will to prevent it is not there. The Zika virus that is currently out of control in Brazil stands to threaten the world with a problem that may yet prove fatal for millions. While one of the conditions caused by it concerns the small heads of babies of which there have already been over a thousand cases there are other side effects now coming to light. One of these is the presence of the virus in male sperm.

After my reincarnation and with a link to the Spirit of the Universe, the only God in my opinion, many visions were given to me along with a commission to remove the wall of blindness. It was put up and strengthened by religious forces which promote business and wealth as an essential part of human survival. It has no concern for the damage it causes or the ignorance that wells in its wake.

Among those visions was one where no children were born and now I can see how that might come about. If the small heads are to be avoided surely the Olympic Games should be called off, postponed, or moved. But none of these solutions are on the agenda as there is too much money invested in them.

It could only happen if athletes refuse to attend, but that is also unlikely. After years of training and the excitement of competition and the rewards promised it would be foolhardy on the part of those selected to pull out. Countries they represent are also reluctant to force them to do the right thing because they also have a stake in the competition and the glory that follows.

Now I mentioned the visions given to me during the 1980’s concerning the last days and among them were horrendous scenes of misery and death. They were so bad that after weeks of having them played out in my mind I begged not to be shown any more. My children wondered why they should continue to do their studies when this is what is ahead of us.

We can’t change the world because the Spirit is in control and it announced in prophecies in the Old Testament that we would be in a trap of our own making from which we cannot escape (Isaiah 34;2,3 and Jeremiah 11:11,12). It appears that this is one of the things it refers to. The need for money and the greed it generates is the driving force behind the tragedies happening now and we are all powerless to stop it.

It’s not only the Olympic Games that are considered more valuable than life but so many other things that are adding to the disaster.

Source by Norma Holt

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