13 in 1 Survival Gear Kit

Hey guys welcome back, I’m checking out this new 13 IN 1 survival kit. I got this survival kit primarily just to keep in my car and occasionally take out for hiking day trips and stuff like that. So I just wanted something that I can have in the car, or on hand for hiking trips. If I was ever put in a survival situation, I would at least have the tools needed to survive a few days.

So let’s crack this open and check out what comes inside..

Let’s start by looking at the 5 IN 1 para-cord bracelet. You can take the para cord off of here and use it for any type of survival situation you might need. And it includes a compass, a whistle. A knife edge to be able to cut things – Also comes with a Fire starter and tactical pen for breaking out glass. So if your car was ever submerged. You could use this to break out the glass to get out. And you can also use this as a self defense tool it’s got a nice grip that you can use that for.

The Fire starter, as well as the scraper have instructions that you could get anywhere between 5,000 fires out of this. It’s made with magnesium and iron. And the way that this simply works is you’d scrape off a little bit of the magnesium and iron. Then you’d strike this in order to ignite the fire on the actual scraper.

Also, We have a bottle opener and a ruler on either side. A flashlight, this flashlight has three different modes, one of the modes includes an SOS strobing mode. So you could point this up in the sky at night and send SOS – and it’ll signal that SOS up in the air. It does not come with a battery this takes one double A battery and also has a couple of different features on here. You can pull the end piece out in order to have a focused beam of light and push it in, in order to have a wider beam of light. This is actually really nicely made good quality. The other thing here is the pocket knife just a basic pocket knife with an end tip to be able to clip onto something as well as a belt clip.

survival kit also has a whistle. The whistle is able to produce a sound of up to 120 decibels, which is pretty loud. You also have an emergency blanket. And this is able to reflect 90% of the body back to you. So if I was ever stranded on the road having something like this is going to be really helpful to conserve body heat, so that’s nice to have there. You also have the compass. It comes in a nice case of brass. The last thing is this Swiss card. It includes a card with a diagram, this is made out of stainless steel, and it shows all the different tools on this Swiss card. It comes with a can opener, knife, edge screwdriver, ruler, can opener, 4 position wrench, butterfly wrench, saw blade and a two position wrench. And the last thing is a lanyard hole.

So there you have it guys that’s everything that comes in the amazing 13 in 1 survival kit. Let me just share some of my final thoughts. As far as cons go let’s start with the storage case, the storage case is kind of cheaply made. So this is not something that I would throw around without being worried about cracking or even breaking. So a more sturdy storage case would have been nice to have in this kit.

The other thing is when you take everything out like I have getting it back in the case is kind of tricky and it makes for a tight fit. I’m actually tempted to remove one of the foam inserts just to make sure it’s not so tight when I put this all away. So that was another con for me. The third thing, and I knew this buying this kit that it did not include a wire saw, a wire saw is always great to have if you’re camping, hiking, or just in a survival situation. So I’m gonna actually pick one of those ups from a sporting goods store and throw that in this kit. But if you’re not too concerned about that you still do have the saw edge, the saw edge that comes with the Swiss card that you can simply use so that’s there.

As far as pros go on this one, I felt that I had a lot going for it, the size of this is really great it’s six inches by four inches, and it weighs just under a pound when you have everything in it so this is not going to take up a whole lot of room in your car, or in a hiking backpack. The other thing that I really appreciate about this is all the components and pieces that are really well made. I’m happy with the quality of everything that’s in here. And as far as the survival kit goes. It has everything that you’d need in a survival situation. So again I’m happy with that. The last thing is that for the price on this, I got this at just under $22. And so a great bargain by on that good budget survival kit. And if you’re looking for a gift for somebody who likes to go hiking or just be outdoors…

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