10 SHTF Survival Hacks

I just felt inspired to write this short post, and discuss some easy hacks and skills which can be valuable both in emergency situations, and in daily life.

  1. Put a $20 bill in your phone case, if you forget to bring your wallet with you or go somewhere they don’t accept cash, you’ll always have money on you. Also, be sure to store phone numbers written down on a piece of paper in the event, your cell phone stops working.
  2. Use a crayon as a candle; Yea a crayon can serve as a candle, and they can burn for a decent amount of time. Sometimes, as much as 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Use a can and a candle as a lantern, cut open the can and put a small candle on the can. This can also serve to prevent the candle from being blown out by wind.
  4. Filtering water with two jars and a bandanna. So, in one jar you’l have the dirty water, and in the other jar nothing – leave empty. Elevate the dirty jar and put a piece of cloth in between the two. Now, be sure to boil the water though as it won’t be safe to drink, but at least won’t be dirty.
  5. Make a compass with a needle, get a small piece of metal, like a needle and rub it against your clothing several times, then lay it on top of some water, and it will point north.
  6. Battery exchange. Are you out of double A batteries and have some triple A batteries around? You can use AAA batteries instead of double A batteries, by simply balling up some aluminum foil – to fill the gap in the battery compartment. Both types of batteries output 1.5 volts in differ only an amperage, but in a small device like a flashlight, this is not an issue.
  7. chalk – And avoid getting lost. Anytime you venture out into the wilderness, you should carry a few pieces of chalk. If you happen to get lost mark your path along the way. This serves two functions and ensures you don’t wander in circles, and it will also help search and rescue crews to track you down.
  8. Carry Aluminum Foil in your bug out bag. This can serve many purposes, by being able to hold and boil water, and you can also use it to put on the ground if you’re trying to start a fire on damp ground.
  9. headlamps are great for looking ahead but not so much when you need to light up the entire area. The solution is to turn your headlamp inward facing a jug of water between the translucency of the plastic and refraction of the water, light gets bounced all over the place, creating an area light similar to a lantern rather than a focus beam like a flashlight.
  10. A signaling device, using a glow stick and a cord. You can easily create a signaling device if you get lost by twirling it around in a circle, you’ll be visible from a long distance.
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